Citybeat - Tickled Pink (Electric Trio), a Cincinnati based trio featuring local scene veterans Scott Covrett (guitar, vocals,songwriter), Bob Nyswonger (bass, vocals,songerwriter) and Bam Powell (drums, vocals,songwriter) - celebrates the release of it's first CD, a self-titled affair, Friday and Saturday at Sidebar in Covington.

The disc contains 14 diverse hook laden track, with songwriting credits equally distributed between the three gifted and experienced musicians. 

Fans of pyschodots /raisins/bears school of rock (Nyswonger has been involved in all three, while Powell and Covrett were earlier members of the raisins)take note - Tickledpink picks up the Pop/Rock torch and sprints to the finish line with the superb effort. The musicianship is expectedly flawless(all three have done extensive session work), but it's the eclecticism (the songs vary from Blues to Roots Rock to Power Pop) and songwriting that'll have you coming back for more. 

-Mike Breen

Toledo Blade - Fabulous Tickled Pink's family tree has roots here

 TICKLED PINK (Tickled Pink) (Self-released)
Another release springs up from the ridiculously deep and talented pool of musicians who came of age in the Sylvania area in the mid-'70s. 

Tickled Pink is a Cincinnati trio featuring Bob Nyswonger on bass, Bam Powell on drums, and Scott Covrett on guitar. All of them were involved with the Raisins, which spawned the Psychodots and the Bears, both of which Nyswonger is also a member. And they're all from this area and transplanted to Cincy, where they play in various groups. 

It's a complicated musical family tree that has one common theme: it always produces excellent artistry. 

Each one of the Tickled Pink members works his own stylistic turf - Nyswonger, skewed, clever power pop; Powell, thoughtful rockers, and Covrett, jazz and blues-infused rock - and the songwriting chores are shared evenly. 

Highlights include Powell's oddball Tom Waits-y "Barefeet," Nyswonger's anthemic "Standing 8" (which sounds like a great long-lost Bears outtake), and Covrett's smoking blues closer, "I Know It's Wrong." 

These guys are veterans, but there's nothing tired about their sound, and the more "Tickled Pink" plays the better it sounds, revealing the kind of quirky virtuosity that only the real pros can offer. Here's hoping they find their way to Toledo soon. 

"Tickled Pink" is available at on itunes and 

- ROD LOCKWOOD – Toledo Blade


Tickled Pink Electric Trio has been a part of the Cincinnati music elite for quite some time. Members of the raisins, psychodots, The Bluebirds, Stagger Lee and more.

This powerhouse trio writes songs with infectious hooks and plays them with a “take no prisoners” attitude. Searing lead guitar, driving melodic bass and groovacious drums, combined with soulful vocals, are all trademarks of this rock band that also fuses blues, and country with intelligent lyrics. At their whim, they can also choose one or more items from the psychedelicatessen. 

Individually, they have produced their own solo albums and played on many CDs with various bands. Tickled Pink just released their first CD.

The band features:

Bob Nyswonger - bass guitar/electric upright bass/songwriter/vocals - 2 time CAMMY (Cincinnati area music awards) winner with The     Psychodots – “favorite band “ and The Bears (featuring Adrian Belew) – “Cincinnati Music Hall of Fame.” Bob’s song, “Caveman,” appeared on a trailer for a national TV sitcom, and his song “Trust” was The Bears’ first video.  Past or present bands include: The Raisins, Bucket and The Graveblankets.

“BAM” POWELL  - drums/songwriter/vocals - CAMMY award winner with The Bluebirds. Past and present bands include The Raisins, Stagger Lee, Bucket, and The Goshorn Brothers (formerly Pure Prairie League ).

SCOTT COVRETT- electric guitar/songwriter/vocals - CAMMY nominee for Best Rock Guitarist.  Former bands include but are not limited to Stagger Lee and Robin Lacy & DeZydeco.